15 Free UI Kits and Icons for Designers

Posted on Jun 30, 2013
Hello. In this post I've rounded up all the good flat UI kits and icon packs to arm you with a range of quality tools.

1. Flat UI by Andy Law

2. Flat UI Kit 2 (Blog) by Riki Tanone

3. Flat UI by Designmodo

4. Flat UI Kit by Web Designer Depot

5. Flat UI Kit by Riki Tanone

6. Flat UI Kit by Devin Schulz

7. Eerste Flat User Interface Kit by Design Your Way

8. Square UI Free by Designmodo

9. UI Kit by Abhimanyu Rana

10. Flat UI Kit by Zachary VanDeHey

11. Free Colorful Icons by Michael Dolej�

12. Free Flat Icons by Buatoom

13. Flat Icons Freebie by Seevi

14. Free Flat Social Media Icons by Designmodo

15. Linecons Icon Set by Designmodo

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