MySQL dumps with PHP - Good Tips

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To make a MySQL Dump with PHP, you'll simply have to execute the following Command in PHP script:
(The code below as one line in your PHP-script).
passthru("/usr/bin/mysqldump --opt --host=$dbhost --user=$dbuser --password=$dbpwd $dbname > $dump_file_name");

MYSQL-HOST = MySQL server adress (mysql15**
USERNAME = the username for the database.
PASSWORD = the password for the database.
DATABASENAME = the name on the database.

Another bit of code that does the same job, better coded maybe.
<?php $dbhost = "mysql15**"; $dbname = "DATABASENAME"; $dbuser = "USERNAME"; $dbpwd = "PASSWORD"; $dumpfile = $dbname . "_" . date("Y-m-d_H-i-s") . ".sql"; passthru("/usr/bin/mysqldump --opt --host=$dbhost --user=$dbuser --password=$dbpwd $dbname > $dump_file_name"); // report - disable with // if not needed echo "$dumpfile "; passthru("tail -1 $dumpfile"); ?>

Turn OFF the SAFE MODE ! before using this code. It will create a SQL file in the same dir as the PHP-file. The SQL-files in your folder is good to go. Just click the link "Import database" and follow the instructions.
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