15 Free UI Kits and Icons for Designers

Posted on Jun 30, 2013
Hello. In this post I've rounded up all the good flat UI kits and icon packs to arm you with a range of quality tools.

1. Flat UI by Andy Law

2. Flat UI Kit 2 (Blog) by Riki Tanone

7 Useful Tools for Registering Domain Name

Posted on Jun 28, 2013
Hello. Here are the lists of 7 tools that will allow you to check for the free domain names.

1. Domaintyper.com

Domain Typer is a simple to use search engine that allows you to simply add the desired name for the domain, and you will instantly be notified whether it can be used or not.
Moreover, the website includes a dynamic Web 2.0 domain name generator which comes up with random names for you to sift through and see if a memorable one comes about. If that is the case, a link is provided for you to buy it on the spot.

Free Icon Packs from the Dribbble - Part 2

Posted on Jun 24, 2013
Part 2: This post rounds up 10 high quality icon sets that can be used in your projects for free.

1. Free Tiny Icons by Andree

2. Random Icons by Ryan Quintal

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